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Cairns Silver Lining Engineers Welcomes You

​Cairns Silver Lining Engineers is a multi-disciplined Engineering and Consulting Firm, specializing in residential, commercial and industrial engineering, and alternative energy generation and conservation. The Company is maximizing the renewal energy programs found in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Alternative energy is a specialization for our firm, but we also provide traditional design and inspection services, such as plumbing, HVAC, and Structural, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering for both residential and commercial settings. Our affordable rates are the Silver Lining to the cloud of any project problems.

We wish to create and maintain personal yet professional relationships with our clients. We want our customers to feel appreciated and confident within their choice to work with us. CS Engineers assures that you will never feel like "just another customer".

  • Trevor Sawchyn - Owner, Sr. Engineer/Project Manager
  • Jenson Van Buskirk - Geomatics Engineering Technologist/Designer
  • Richard Levesque - Electrical Engineering Technologist/Designer
  • Lorrie Sawchyn - Marketing

Services We Offer

  • Residential, Commercial, Civil and Industrial Engineering 
  • Alternative Energy Generation and Conservation
  • Traditional Design and Inspection Services (Plumbing/HVAC)

Get To Know CEngineers

Our Mission is to provide quality engineering design and development for our friends, families, neighbors, fellow business owners and community partners at a reasonable rate. We aim to see you smile whether we do a solar project to reduce or supplement your ever rising electric bill, a home inspection to be sure you know what you are buying, or to spend a couple hours making sure that the wall you are looking to remove can be done safely and efficiently; leaving your home or business structurally sound. You are placing your engineering needs in our hands, and we aim to make you happy.

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